Mission, Values, and Vision


To advance our community’s appreciation for music from the Middle Ages through the 18th century by providing performances, support, and education.


The core values guiding our activities and decisions are:

Artistry — We present and produce a rich variety of musical performances that at meet the highest standards of artistic excellence.

Continuity — We honor our heritage and cultivate a legacy for the future through performance and education.

Diversity — We are committed to inclusivity and accessibility. We  respect and seek to achieve diversity in our leadership, collaborations, support, education, performance programs, and our employment. We value a community in which everyone can participate in arts and culture.

Engagement — We actively support an environment of collaboration, enrichment, fellowship, respect, and support.

Innovation — We advance with and promote creativity, freshness, and new ideas.

Re-creation — We believe that performance of early music on period instruments in historically informed styles is essential to  recreating as closely as possible music of the period.


Our vision for the future:

– The Seattle area and the surrounding region continues to flourish as a major center for early music in the United States.

– Local artists and organizations involved in early music are thriving.

– Artistically excellent performances of early music in the Seattle area are widely available to diverse, large, growing and appreciative audiences through abundant local artists and organizations.

– Early music is a part of the curriculum within our schools and lectures are widely available to the community.

– People understand what early music is and are engaged with it throughout their lives as listeners or performers.

– Early music performed on period instruments in historically informed styles is a widely accepted and practiced form of musical performance.
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