Professional Affiliates

General Description
The EMG Professional Affiliate program provides extensive, long-term assistance for professional level “early music” endeavors in the Seattle area. This assistance can include EMG sponsorship of fund raising activities and support services. While similar forms of support are available through EMG’s Concert Assistance program, the Professional Affiliate program provides ongoing support for activities over a specified period of time (normally a minimum of one year, and limited to a maximum of three years). The most important aspect of the program is that it provides a means for Professional Affiliates to request funds from granting organizations and donations from individuals and corporations as tax-deductible contributions.

Types of Assistance Provided
EMG will form an association with the Professional Affiliate for a specified period of time (no more than three years). For those Professional Affiliates lacking 501(c)(3) tax-exempt and tax-deductible status, EMG will serve as the official sponsor and recipient for qualified grants or donations the Professional Affiliate seeks or obtains. EMG will provide accounting for these earmarked funds, and distribute them to the Professional Affiliate as appropriate.

EMG will also provide Professional Affiliates with support and concert services comparable to those provided in the Concert Assistance program. These services include providing:

  1. Mailing labels.
  2. Media Guide to help Affiliate make media contacts.
  3. Access to the EMG bulk mailing permit.
  4. Advice regarding program and publicity production and distribution.
  5. Concert/Event planning assistance.
  6. Assistance in arranging facilities.
  7. Publicity in the EMG e-newsletter.
  8. Telephone ticket reservation service.

The EMG will also provide some consulting assistance to Professional Affiliates who decide to establish themselves as a 501(c)(3) entity.

Professional Affiliate status can be granted to support established ensembles or specific projects. Established ensembles are groups with a fairly consistent core membership, and that have a history of professional-level activity for a period of at least one year. Projects can include such endeavors as organized concert series, special events (symposiums, large-scale production, festivals), and educational activities (workshops, music schools). All Professional Affiliate activities must involve musicians who have established a reputation as professional performers of early music.

At least one member of the group making application should be a local resident. The application must concern music of the Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque and Classical period in the style and on instruments (either originals or reproductions) of the appropriate period. All activities proposed must qualify as activities appropriate for an organization granted tax exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Basis for Award of Professional Affiliate Status
Critical factors for granting PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATE status are the quality of the applicant’s activities and its authenticity in terms of style and performing media. Production considerations are also important, including, among other factors, the proposed site of the concert or activity, potential for conflict between the proposed activity and other early or chamber music activities in the area, quality of planning and budget proposal, reality or “do-ability” of project, and the success of any previous activities undertaken by the applicant.

EMG will not grant Professional Affiliate status if any of the proposed activities, in EMG’s consideration, do not qualify as appropriate for an organization granted tax exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

EMG Action on Professional Affiliate Applications
The Professional Affiliate program application will be made directly to the Executive Committee of the EMG Board. The Board will make decisions on an as necessary basis, and reserves the right to limit the terms of the contract and the number of Professional Affiliates. The Executive Committee has the right to delay a decision and request further information from the applicant as it feels necessary. In that event, the applicant will receive further instructions and the application will be held for later consideration. The Board President will notify the applicant regarding the Committee’s action a few days after its meeting. If the application has been approved, the attached contract will be signed by the Board President and one copy will be returned to the applicant.

How to Apply
Formal application must be made to the Board of the Early Music Guild. Contact the Executive Director, Gus Denhard to discuss your application and to obtain an official Application form.

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