The Salish Sea Players

Beautiful Chamber Music from the Baroque Era

The mission of the Salish Sea Players is to bring professional, intimate Baroque chamber music concerts to audiences unable to attend traditional venues. Our primary focus is to share our passion with audiences in retirement, nursing, memory care, and long term facilities regardless of their ability to pay fee.

Music touches the heart and brings comfort and healing, in addition to being an enjoyable diversion. Live music offers human interaction and fellowship between musician and listener. An important part of our performance is sharing with the residents before, during, and after the concert, discussing the music, answering questions, and laughing together.

Salish Sea Players pledges never to deny a performance to a facility because of an inability to pay our fee. Fees are accepted by us on a “fair share” basis, meaning we ask facilities to share in the cost of the performance, to the best of their ability. Salish Sea Players will accept the amount the facility feels is their “fair share” without question. The cost to present a trio concert is a modest $350. Amounts not covered by the facility “share” come from fundraising. While this concept – “fair share” – is not the norm in the performance arts, we feel it is the best way to realize our mission and bring residents a professional performance.

This is where you come in. With your tax deductible gift you become a partner with the Salish Sea Players in the mission of bringing this beautiful music to audiences that are unable to attend a live performance any other way. We would love to have you join us in making this dream a reality.

Thank you for your consideration and participation. You can make a donation below OR you can send a check payable to Early Music Guild (with Salish Sea Players in the memo line) to:

Early Music Guild
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About the Salish Sea Players
Violinists Linda Melsted and Olga Hauptman, and harpsichordist Fred Hauptman, all specialists in the performance of music from the Baroque era, have made music professionally together for over 25 years in addition to pursuing noted careers individually. They now join together with a common mission as The Salish Sea Players.

The dream of forming a group dedicated to performing for residents of retirement homes is one that occurred to Linda many years ago while playing in a nursing home. One concert in particular moved her profoundly and unforgettably:

I arrived to perform at a retirement home with my pianist, ready to play a violin concerto in a very attractive meeting room when I was told that the decision had been made to move the performance to the nursing floor. There we found a cramped room with an ugly little piano that hadn’t been tuned in ages. The audience was predominantly in wheel chairs and hooked up to various tubes. Nurses were caring for them. After the concert, I was approached by a nurse pushing a wheelchair-bound man who was clearly not “present.” The nurse said that her patient had been unresponsive for five years; however, during the performance he had cried! She expressed her utter gratitude for bringing about this totally unexpected reaction. I have never forgotten this moment—I was young, but suddenly I realized the true power of music. I believe in that power, the power to touch the heart. -Linda Melsted

Now, with the three of us in the same city for the first time in decades, encouraged by the EMG and by the response we’ve received in the concerts we have already performed, we look forward to bringing our music to more people.

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